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At whiskey festivals, events, brand tastings and private tasting, bottles of Jefferson’s Ocean show up and while I haven’t loved each one I’ve had, I haven’t hated any of them either. They’re all at the very least enjoyable. Let’s hope this one keeps that trend. Buy Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 24 online and let’s go ge a drink.

Overview of The Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 24

Like most of the Jefferson’s Ocean releases, this batch is decent. I do like my earlier batch a bit more, but there is nothing to dislike in this batch. It’s a soft, easy sipper with an interestingly heavy banana note. However, it get more oaky and spiced as it opens, but never become a heavily oaked or spiced bourbon. It stay soft and a bit fruity. So, I urge you now to Buy Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 24 online and get to taste it yourself.

On the whole, this Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 24 come through as a slightly above average bourbon. More so, there is nothing wrong with it, it is tasty, worth at least a drink and great to mix with, but there isn’t a ton of depth to it so it ends up being on the lighter side overall.

The straight bourbons from Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea collection have aged around 6 to 8 years on land, before the barrels are sent off to travel at sea for several months. Typically the route take the vessel to five different continents and 30 ports of call. However, for Voyage 24, the barrels took a new route for the first time in the series travelling only to ports in the Caribbean and Central America. This exposed the barrels to high heat for the duration of the trip. Buy Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 24 online now with fast, and safe delivery.

Tasting Notes

The nose reminds of late summer days on the boardwalk, with aromas of caramel apples and baked pretzels and a hint of bourbon leatheriness. The palate takes on richer flavors of toffee as well as vanilla saltwater taffy along with earthy espresso, clove, cinnamon, and tart raisins. The whiskey has a medium to long finish that’s dry and spicy. To get a taste for yourself, Buy Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 24 online from us now.


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